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3 years 5 months ago #770 by ScketreWhisp
Time Slots at the Con was created by ScketreWhisp

There are really ONLY 2 time slots for games at the Con, Morning (0800-1800) and evening (1800-0800 the next morning).

In any case since not everyone wants to run long games (really, how can you play an RPG in less than 6 hours ?) I try and use the slots to allow for other games to fit ot fill the slot so it doesn't leave short 1-2 hours "open gaming" since what's the use of 1-2 hours slot for an RPG ?

Thus if you want to run a morning game and tell me it's 4 hours and want to start at 1000, I am going to put it a 0900 and let it run until 1300. That leaves a nice 5 hours slot for someone else from 1300-1800.

If you submit a game for 1900 and tell me 4 hours, I'll make until midnight (5 hours) or 6 hours if you tell me 1800 and it's 4 hours since the slot on the spreadsheet ends at 0000 (12am).

I am giving as much time as you need, take breaks, run over 30 min...

Please don't feel you have to start & stop and game in 4 hours... I hate those types of restrictions... so use the time you have as you like. I mean you can be a time Nazi and start you game at 1900 and then end it at 2300 if you really want to... but if at 2300 they just entered the final boss room... kinda sucks to be a player in your game... i think I'd want to run over to finish the final battle...

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