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11 months 1 week ago #1114 by ScketreWhisp
We go through this EVERY year...

Please read:

The Tabletop.Events website is created by a guy who has half a clue, so the site works weird and I have to work within it's weirdness....

When you submit an event, I first APPROVE the event (and you get NO email that it's been approved and I have no clue why they won't add this feature)

Then I COPY the event without a connection to your account... why, because once I post the event, I DON'T want YOU to make any more changes to it without me knowing about it... so this way, if you want to make changes, you'll have to send me an email. These events are added to the file that is used to PRINT a physical paper copy of the schedule for the Con (you get one in your check in packet) and if you change the details, then they won't match the printed copy.... The site creator thinks since the user submitted the event, they should always be able to make changes... as far as I'm concerned it's NOT your event once I post it since I run the Con, you don't ... so I have to control the event once it's posted

Once I post your event, then I DELETE the original submitted event... other wise I'd end up with all the original events on the back end mixed up with the events I need to approve... There is NO option to turn off the email notification that it's been deleted... I get a copy and you get a copy and I hate the site admin for not allowing me to disable this stupid email.

So... back to what I usually tell people... DON'T believe the emails you get from the Tabletop.Events website (at least not those about "deleted/declined" events...) they are LIES and only pay attention to MY email telling you your events have been scheduled.

Someone ever wants to write me a whole new site that works how I want it to work let me know, been trying to pay someone to do it for 12 years
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